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Toon Boom Time Lapse

Toon Boom Time Lapse

May 29, 2008
This brief timelapse video shows and talks about 2.5 hours of work in Toon Boom as I create a character from scratch. It starts with finding reference pictures of lemurs and goes all the way to lip syncing one of the lines of the character.

Say hello to "Dr. Lemur".

I find that really interesting. I love time lapses of drawing and animating and 3D modeling. Do you think you'll ever do a video tutorial for TbT?

Posted by Matthewb at 11:24 PM May 30, 2008

I absolutely will. Truth be told, I've already completed 5 videos for a premium set of Toon Boom instruction on the site. I think I still have 7 remaining to create.

I did create one Toon Boom video as a proof of concept just to figure out the technical side of it all, I think it turned out pretty well.

Posted by Will at 12:07 AM Jun 01, 2008

You mention a template that you use when creating your characters. Would you mind doing a tutorial on how you create it and what parts you include? Thank you. BTW excellent tutorial.

Posted by RLanham at 7:44 AM Jun 28, 2008

@RLanham, that is a good idea for a tutorial. I will indeed at that to my list of things to write about.

Posted by Will at 6:56 PM Jun 30, 2008

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