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Stop Motion Spaghetti

Stop Motion Spaghetti

July 11, 2008

There's something about Friday that makes me want to show you something interesting from the world of animation, something you might not normally get the chance to see.

This is an incredible stop-motion animation that I think you'll really enjoy. While there's no story to speak of, the animators created a fascinating and convincing depiction of somebody making a plate of spaghetti.

I like this - very clever. I teach a unit on stop-motion and this film will provide some inspiration for my students- they can definitely do something like this - thanks for posting.

Posted by Bryan at 10:45 AM Jul 12, 2008

I'm glad you enjoyed it Bryan. Be sure to show your class the stop-motion Cadbury eggs too, assuming that their chocolaty suicides are appropriate for a classroom.

Posted by Will at 12:47 PM Jul 12, 2008

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