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Looking For Animators?

Looking For Animators?

May 4, 2009

I occasionally get requests from companies looking to hire freelance animators. I'm not able to animate much these days, so I thought I'd offer a couple of online options for people looking for animators.

Often companies are looking for somebody to help them expand on a story or idea, and are quite willing to listen to input from somebody with some experience. Sometimes the request is for somebody that specifically has Toon Boom knowledge, but often any animation experience will do.

I usually send interested companies to these two places:

Toon Boom Job Boards

Visit Toon Boom Job Board

Beyond being a great application provider, Toon Boom supports its users by offering a job board, both for animators searching for jobs and the companies that want to hire them. Clearly they're targeting Toon Boom-based positions, but if that is something you need there's no better place to start looking.

Animation Forum


The Create a Team section of is another great place to go when you're looking for animators. On any given day you can find all kinds of animation skillsets, including animatic creators, musicians or even storyboard artists.

Drop Your Business Card in the Fishbowl

If you're interested in being considered for future animation projects, feel free to leave your name, website and what you're proficient at in the comments below. Realize that this site is read by bots quite frequently, so under no circumstances should you put your email address in the comment.

Something like this should be sufficient:
"My name is Bunson Honeydew, my website is <a href="">My Website</a>, and I am good at using Toon Boom Studio."

If you spam the comments it will be deleted. Play nice.

So yea... this is old. Still... my 2010 resolution of pimping myself out at all costs comes to this hahaha: Stephen Brooks I use Flash, TBAnimate, AE, and I do traditional and cut out animation.

Posted by Stephen Brooks at 3:18 AM Jan 26, 2010

I am Dismas and my wife is GrissyG, Artists and Animators. We produce original Art and Animations. We invite you to visit our website,

Posted by Dismas at 2:04 PM Jun 03, 2010

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