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Console Wars - 2007 in Review

Console Wars - 2007 in Review

February 4, 2008

This cartoon is a continuation of the Console Wars series, the first of which can be viewed here.

The Nintendo Wii was the clear winner in the console war of 2007. The 360 and PS3 made remarkable progress, especially by releasing so many great games in the second half of the year, but they could never overcome the Wii's surging popularity.

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Nintendo Wii is where it's at! I got metroid prime 3 recently, damn its good, with all its first person shooting wiiness! Wii could easily corner the market on first person shooting games. What I really like about Nintendo is the way it tries to provide its consoles for households with varied budgets. Originally they wanted to sell the wii for 100$ a console, but it wasn't possible. As the cheapest next gen console on the shelves today, it's easily the best. Which of the three mega consoles do you own Will? Any hand helds?

Posted by Matthewb at 11:35 PM Feb 04, 2008

I own the Wii and the Xbox 360, and I do love them both (Calico Monkey is my Xbox Live ID).

It will take a lot of work for the PS3 to work it's way up from "pariah" status in my house.

Posted by Will at 9:42 AM Feb 05, 2008

Great voice work as usual. Even more hyper-insane than the previous installment.

Posted by JK at 3:07 PM Feb 05, 2008

I am a firm believer that bleeped curse words are the only way to go. Around our house we sometimes bleep ourselves for comic effect. Glad to see you agree. And that Wii has one killer voice. You guys crack me up!

Posted by shannon at 10:25 PM Feb 06, 2008

Heh, thanks guys! After some discussion with JK, Matthew, Pat and Rob, I came to the conclusion that I do indeed prefer the bleeped version. It's just funnier somehow!

Posted by Will at 10:20 AM Feb 07, 2008

I don't get fanboyism. If you're a true gamer, you're definitely gonna have more than one system.

Posted by Will at 3:34 PM Feb 07, 2008

This is the point where I name my consoles! Atari 7800, Sega Master System II, Nintendo 64, PS2, Nintendo Wii. I got the PS2 early last year, simply because they're much smaller and cheaper now, plus I always wanted one ;) and the Nintendo Wii? well...I like tennis, I do play it often, I was at a mates who owns a Nintendo Wii and suggested I try it out...Oh damn Wii Tennis...The reason I got the Nintendo Wii was all because of Wii tennis, I'm also sick of the conventional controller, but if i were to get another console it'd be the 360. I like pc gaming, however not on MY PC's, I make sure when I get a new computer, its powerful enough to run the software I wanna use, but can't run to many games...Because my computer would fill quite quickly...

Posted by Matthewb at 4:22 PM Feb 07, 2008

How did it take me so long to see this?! Sorry bout that... Well I'm glad I finally did see it, I laughed out loud several times, but especially at the first appearance of the PS3 rofl. Really well put together & and always the voices were fantastic. I'll definitely be sharing this with plenty of folks. Rock on, man.

Posted by kdog at 1:23 AM Feb 27, 2008

Animal sounds are even funnier than bleeps. I was listening to the John Boy and Billy Show on the radio (yes I'm a redneck) and they used this technique. The have an old curmudgeon that does color commentary. Anyway they set him up by sending him to Arizona to watch a Harry Connick Jr. concert with a one-way ticket, then they recorded his call from the airport. Every time he'd curse they'd substitute the braying of a mule or the mooing of a cow. It was so funny I nearly fell out of the car. BTW I love your work and your choice of animation software.

Posted by RLanham at 10:38 AM Jun 21, 2008

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