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Animated Pet Obesity">

Animated Pet Obesity

December 11, 2008

This is a great encapsulation of everything my waistline is going through.

This cartoon was created by Simon Tofield, via

Beyond being a wonderful snippet of Americana, the dog is perfectly animated, showing a great snapshot into this animal's life without fussing with any camera movements. Bravo.

Fat Dog! Fat Dog!

Posted by Ryan at 9:37 PM Dec 11, 2008

Very well done. It definately captures the natural dog instinct / behaviour. My dog isn't even allowed to look at me when I'm eating, or he's in the dog house! Thanks.

Posted by Dick at 9:57 AM Dec 12, 2008

I sure love those noises made when the food hits the gullet.

Posted by Tony at 8:49 AM Jan 08, 2009

whats the software used

Posted by max at 2:39 PM Jan 09, 2009

Oh..poor Dog!....By the way, nice compilation!

Posted by Sasha at 12:09 AM Jun 30, 2009

Good animation! I think this is an excellent example of why you shouldn't feed your pets people food. Though, to be fair, we would give our dog the ham bone with plenty of ham on it for Christmas, but that was the only time he was allowed to have people food.

Posted by Tiffany at 10:29 AM Aug 09, 2009

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