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Looking For Animators?

May 4, 2009
Looking For Animators?

I occasionally get requests from companies looking to hire freelance animators. I'm not able to animate much these days, so I thought I'd offer a couple of online options for people looking for animators. I usually send interested companies to these two places.

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New Short from Adam Phillips

April 7, 2009

Adam Phillips of has been hard at work learning Toon Boom Animate. Here's a lovely short displaying his efforts.

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Animated Pet Obesity

December 11, 2008

This is a great encapsulation of everything my waistline is going through.

This cartoon was created by Simon Tofield, via

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Make Your Own Shirts

November 17, 2008
Make Your Own Shirts

In previous articles we've discussed a variety of ways to use your cartoons to make money, with the long-term goal of being able to support yourself full-time with your animation.

One of the first money-making ideas that many animators and cartoonists approach is making and selling customized T-shirts.

This article discusses the many customized T-shirt companies available to animators and cartoonists.

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